The luxury of a Bed and Breakfast

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The luxury of a Bed and Breakfast

With hundreds of hotels, motels, and cabins to choose from, there are plenty of ways to have a holiday. However, many people prefer to use Bed and Breakfast accommodation whenever they need time to relax. What makes a B&B so attractive?

Traditionally, a bed and breakfast was a small lodging establishment, often a private home, which offered overnight accommodation and breakfast. There are many of these “In House” style B&B’s in operation today particularly in Europe and the UK. Since the 1980s, the term B&B has extended to include accommodations known as “Self-Contained” establishments where guests do not have to share any of the facilities and enjoy sole use of the cabin or cottage.

Your preference
It comes down to personal preference and the style of accommodation guests are looking for. Some like to share the living room and dining area with others and sit down to a full cooked breakfast or buffet. However, like a hotel or motel room, you can often hear noises from the other guests in the hallways and rooms.

A self-contained cottage B&B means you have all the rooms to yourself. You don’t have to put up with noises from the other guests or bother about getting dressed for breakfast or to relax with a book in the lounge room. You get to cook your own breakfast – the way you want – at the time you want. Generally you book this style of accommodation for more than a single night.

Place of their own
Judging from the feedback from our guests, the most important reason they choose our B&B cottages is the privacy. Instead of wandering down hallways filled with doors, waiting in a queue to check in, and sharing dining facilities with a crowd of tourists, our guests have a space they can truly call their own. They not only enjoy a living area with several rooms all to themselves, they have a private area outside their cottage where they can relax over breakfast or enjoy a quiet chat.

It’s so quiet
Most B&B accommodation is located in a peaceful location. When we’ve gone to the trouble of creating such a welcoming space, we don’t want it spoiled by outside noise. Our days are filled with sound in our regular routines. So finding a place where all that racket can’t intrude is a delight. Arcadia Cottages is located in a truly peaceful spot – away from the main tourist road, amidst rambling gardens, yet close enough to be a short walk away from Olinda, great cafés, walking trails, gardens and the Dandenong’s.

Our cottages are strategically placed within our tranquil garden setting, so if some of our guests want to enjoy lively conversation or their favourite music, they don’t impose on guests staying in our other cottages. We find our guests considerate of each other’s need for a little serenity as well, something you can’t always find in motel rooms stacked on top of each other.

Room with a view
When you’ve taken some time out to relax and reflect, it’s great to have a window onto some beautiful scenery. B&B accommodation is about connecting guests to their surrounds and many are built to make the most of spectacular views. At Arcadia Cottages we make sure our guests are surrounded by acres of peaceful gardens which can be appreciated from inside and outside each cottage.

Pampering a plenty
Most of all, we’ve found that B&B guests like to feel pampered. They enjoy a holiday space that has a sense of luxury, where someone has taken care to create the right décor and to add those little extra touches that delight. Our guests tell us enthusiastically just how much they enjoy being able to stop and lavish themselves for a while. It lifts their spirits and recharges their energy levels.

At Arcadia Cottages, we know that our guests are discerning, so our focus is on creating a place they find peaceful and revitalising.