The little things that count

arcadia-scene3_final still01 (2)

Experienced travellers open the door to many rooms over the years and kilometres they span during their travels.  While locations can add some interest, one motel room is generally just like another. Once you close the door behind you, there is little to remember. This is part of the reason why so many people now choose to enjoy the comfort and luxury of Bed and Breakfast accommodation.  You are guaranteed to find a room with unique and individual features, which makes your stay a memorable one.

At Arcadia Cottages, we put time and energy into creating the right kind of atmosphere for our guests. That’s why all of our self-contained cottages are different in personality and style. Many of our guests try out the different cottages and enjoy the variety each time they stay with us. Others choose a particular cottage and that’s the one they book every time. We like to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

Our Treehouse Cottage is one of the cottages that many of our guests enjoy. There are very few motel rooms that offer you this kind of accommodation all to yourself. The view out of the window into our extraordinary gardens sets it apart. Our guests particularly like the architecture of the cottage with cathedral ceiling and the garden conservatory. We’ve made sure to add richness of colours with the choice of drapes and hand picked antique furniture. All to make sure your stay at Arcadia Cottages is truly memorable.


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