B&B’s – space, comfort and privacy.

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While the name itself may be explanatory, Bed and Breakfast (B&B) accommodation provides a private, personal space for travellers who need a quiet place to sleep, comfortable furnishings and a good meal to start their day in the morning.

This style of accommodation has been popular with travellers in Europe for centuries. Usually describing small lodgings offering overnight accommodation and breakfast, the term B&B first came into use in England, Scotland and Ireland.

A great way to travel

Travellers tired of the monotony of motel and hotel that offer only a bed, a TV and a bar fridge, look for the warmth and comfort of a B&B where they don’t have to bother with the noises and nuisance of other guests. B&B accommodation adds to the travelling experience.

Arcadia Cottages in Olinda is proud to offer the comfort and welcome of self-catered B&B accommodation where guests enjoy a more relaxed holiday, tailored to their needs. Each cottage is located amidst a peaceful garden setting and offers complete privacy from other guests and the rest of the world.